NFT Game Assets

Overall, there are 2 types of NFT-game assets:
  • Lands - either bare spaces with level 1 Town Hall or developed Lands with constructions and upgrades.
  • Buildings - any constructed assets on player’s Land with possible upgrades.
Other in-game assets include:
  • Gold: necessary for defensive structures: walls, traps, town hall, as well as for improving buildings such as Gold Mines, Farms and storages.
  • Food: provided to train troops in the form of upgrading the Forge and Army Camps, improving the skills of troops in the University.
  • Gems: premium resources used to speed up construction and upgrades, as well as to obtain Gold and Food.
It is possible to purchase gem packs for WAX tokens, if players faced a shortage of this resource type. Base prices look like this:
Pack 100 gems = 250 Waxes,
Pack 250 gems = 500 Waxes
Pack 500 gems = 950 Waxes