Participating in attacks

Let us analyze the actions from the attacker's viewpoint. The attack process itself consists of several phases:

  • Choosing an opponent for a fee

  • Placement of troops on the field

  • Troop advance during attack

  • Trophies/loot and losses count

Players cannot choose opponents on their own (otherwise the battles would be reduced to robbing the weakest). The selection of opponents takes place according to your level of development for a small fee in Gold. If the opponent you got is not suitable, you can change it by paying again.

When placing troops on the field, click on the type of troops, then on the cell on which you want to place units. The unit placement system is specifically designed so that you do not click 50 times on a cell (if you have 50 units), but place an array of troops with a few clicks.

Then it remains to watch how your troops destroy building after building, controlling their advancement with the help of buttons. The numbers on the buttons correspond to the number of troop steps.

Finally, at the end of the attack, depending on the number of troops and their competent placement on the field, you either receive Trophies, loot (and the laurels of the winner), or feel the bitter taste of defeat, counting military losses.

If your land was attacked and every single building was destroyed, you don't have to rebuild everything or start upgrading from the initial level. Just Refresh and all buildings of the current level will be restored.

While choosing an opponent, you get the one that is worth of your level. However, a random player may not suit you: suddenly you realize that you do not have enough trained troops or you need troops of a different type. In this case, you can change your opponent by paying again.

Remember that attacks cost money! Moreover, with the development of your land, namely, with the pumping of the Town Hall, the fee for attacks on other players will increase slightly.

Finally, do not neglect attacks on Goblins! You can see the list of available attacks on Goblin hideouts in the Attack tab. With luck, you will squeeze out their Gold and Food!

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