From the game website players can log-in through their Telegram or Facebook-accounts or connect with Wax-wallets. After that they pass a short training in the game.

Playing for free or Rent-to-play mode is available (without the ability to withdraw resources to your Wax-wallet and without the ability to sell NFTs on the in-game market). However, it is also possible to buy land for Wax in the near future and continue to develop your village, after the purchase, all possible operations will become available (withdrawal, sale of NFTs, etc.)

After the brief tutorial players are encouraged to continue with Rent-to-play mode. If players are ready to buy own Land, a marketplace will be provided at their service. Note that buildings do not turn into NFTs automatically after acquiring own Land. All buildings should be minted separately.

Players will be given 2 builders (hammers) out of 5, with the help of which they will improve all their buildings. 5 builders are available in total, but in any case players will need to buy the remaining 3 for gems.

There are 4 core gameplay mechanics:

  • earning resources

  • training troops

  • forming clans and

  • participating in attacks

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