Ambassador program

Become our appreciated member!

We are proud to announce the launch of our Ambassador program!

If you are an eager LoC player, passionate about real-time strategies, and you are ready to devote even more time in the game, being more involved, then this Ambassador program has found its enthusiasts!

LoC Ambassadors are energetic participants and community members, who make a solid contribution to LoC and help to develop the game and community around it. We have designed a great program that allows you to support us in various ways: from simple subscriptions to more elaborated outreach and content creation. Certainly, we have considered worthy rewards for you!

You can access all the tasks via the link:

There you will find 10 categories marked with #:

  • On-boarding - your first steps in LoC game

  • Discord - invites and interactive quizzes

  • Twitter - weekly Twitter tasks

  • Game quizzes - how well do you know the game mechanics?

  • In-game actions - clans, battles and trophies: how do you manage?

  • Community - your contribution as an active member

  • For KOLs - have your own community? Let's partner!

  • Feedback - we want to hear your opinion!

  • Swap XP for in-game rewards - claim your reward!

  • Secret level - for diligent ones

Your mission is to complete the quests and accumulate experience. Each quest has different XP points, and some quests will be open only after you have completed the previous ones. Note the last categories: Swapping XP and Secret level. After you have accumulated enough XP points, you can rightfully claim a reward for yourself. The exchange rate XP/Reward is indicated inside the separate quest card #Swap XP for in-game rewards for your convenience. Here is a nice table:

XP PointsRewards

300 XP

50 gems

550 XP

100 gems

1000 XP

200 gems

500 XP

One-day shield

750 XP

Two-day shield

1000 XP

One-week shield

2200 XP

Hammer №3

1500 XP


3000 XP

Hammer №4

We have prepared a Secret level that unlocks if you managed to complete our previous quests. Don’t be lazy and do your best, we have prepared a surprise that you will definitely like!

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