Clan benefits

“What is your hobby, Lord? To be the head of state"

Learn here about Clans, why you need and how to find them. Perhaps, your hobby is to be the head of the clan!

There are the ruins on the playing field - this is the destroyed Clan Castle. It's available for restoration, starting from the 3rd level of Town Hall for 40 000 of Gold. There can be only 1 Clan Castle on 1 land throughout the game.

Clan Castle is completely optional. However, the restored Castle will allow you to create clan alliances, receive support troops and help your allies.

You can join a clan by clicking on 🏆 and selecting a clan from the list. Note that entry restrictions may apply:

  • min requirement for the number of 🏆

  • acceptance only via invitations

If you need help from allied troops, click Request in the Clan Castle and clan members will receive your call. Each clan has its own private in-game chat, where clan members communicate.

What is the value of the Clan, both for its creator and for the players who have joined?

1️⃣ Clans are in fact players' social resources. They are not obligatory for the game, but they significantly affect the whole process and just add fun. After all, playing with a team is much more interesting! Clan members can use the game chat or create a personal Telegram chat, where they can discuss their strategies and tactics, as well as ask for help and just chat. Simply add the link for your Telegram chat, while filling in the form of Clan creation.

2️⃣ Within the same Clan, players can help each other with troops. If they agree on troops' donations and respond to requests quickly, they will succeed with quite effective defense and attack strategies!

3️⃣ Developing a successful Clan is difficult, yet possible. The results of its growth and development will surprise you with the return! Players are going to find support, increased loot, accelerated development of their own land, and even additional rewards!

4️⃣ Clan-founders must be ready to be responsible for the decisions made and resolve possible conflicts within the Clan. If newbies join the Clan, they may need a helping hand to get comfortable and learn the basic actions.

Soon Clan Wars and Tournaments will be introduced into the game! Speed up with joining Clans and attracting players to your Clan!

Calculate your capabilities, comply with the clan requirements and join clans for greater immersion!

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