Land of Clans Whitepaper

The truly fair play-and-earn game on WAX. Updated 23/12/22

Four reasons to try Land of Clans game:

  • No fee to start play and earn. Free-to-play enter

  • No need to wait for a launch. The game is ready

  • No limits to play. PC and mobile devices adapted browser game

  • Enjoy the game and use an option to earn from it at the same time

Real player-driven game economics

  • No NFT-drops from the developers. All the assets are minted in game by players and could be trade at AtomicHub

  • No in-game currency on DEX and no risk of its dump and collapse

  • No whitelists or preferences for any group of players

  • Proof-of-game only matters

The Whitepaper is subject to be updated and improved. This information is not investments recommendation or financial advice.

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