Effectively players buy and sell buildings, and boost items for Waxes via a real-time marketplace.

The marketplace itself can be reached out via the game interface: Marketplace button. 3 options available:

  • NFT Offers

  • My NFT's

  • My Units

Currently (11.11.2022) the external trade is practiced through Atomic Hub marketplace. Later the in-game trading will be fully implemented with the introduction of NFT Offers tab.

My NFT's tab is used to store all assets that were minted by the player. Once minted, the asset appears in My NFT's tab along with the completed transaction. Players may convert their NFTs back to game object by clicking on the Land it button.

The mint is executed in the My Units/My Assets tab. All buildings that can be converted to NFTs appear here. The level of constructions is spelled out in the illustrations. The building description with all possible levels, type of asset, hitpoints, damage, distance, build time, and required town hall level is available via the links in the titles. Pressing the Mint NFT button will open the transaction signing confirmation window.

Once players have converted their buildings into NFTs, they should be able to find them in:

  • My NFT's tab

  • Wax Cloud wallet: NFTs --> Any collection --> Land of clans

  • Atomic Hub inventory

Next step is placing the order on the Atomic Hub marketplace with the price, which is completely at player's discretion.


The number of buildings of the same type that player can build on his Land is limited. Turning a building into NFT or selling it does not free the place for the new same building in the Shop. At the same time player can place purchased buildings on his Land unlimitedly.

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